Bus Twenty Studios | Business Packages

Bus Twenty Studios | Business Packages

If you’d like to market your business with social media advertising, we offer three packages–easily customized–that may be exactly what you are looking for.


GOLD – $1500

Starting from scratch? If you need something to show your clients  exactly what you do, we offer a no-time-limit documentary showcasing your entire company, who works for you, and what you do.

-digital version of the video -shareable link
-interviews with select parties (no restrictions)
-cinematic shots of your business/event/production related to the subject
-professional sound

*extra crew may be needed at no extra cost
*more than one shoot day may be required at no extra cost
*can include more than one location

SILVER- $500

You may be introducing a new service to your company or hosting an event, and you require a short, shareable video for use on social media. This option allows you to highlight one special product or service.

-Digital version of the video
-shareable link
-interview with 1-3 subjects
-cinematic shots of the event/production related to the subject.
-professional sound

*can include more than one location

BRONZE – $100

Do you need something short and simple to get a message out to your audience–but also want it to look professional? Choose this option, which allows you to grab your audiences’ attention with a simple, one-minute professional video for a single subject.

-Digital version of the video
-shareable link
-single subject shoot
-one location

*All packages can be customized and upgraded at any time.

– extra crew
-more time
-cinematic shots
-more subjects
-more locations

*Also available is the option to tell the story of your company through narrative
-promo photos

*Product placement in future short films is also available.

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